Small Talks v1


Recently we launched our new event series, Small Talks. It's been a few months in the making, so we were delighted to squeeze about 50 people into our London studio and host three fantastic speakers.


A picture of your plan

I drew the below picture yesterday because, well, sometimes pictures say things best. It’s since been retweeted 360 times (and counting), so I’m guessing it resonated with others too...


TimeOut MxM 16

On the agenda this week: celebrating Ada Lovelace Day, learning about the nuances of criticism, extreme customer development, northern soul, dog costumes, ice skating and delirium-inducing treacle pudding.

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MxM Bike Ride 2014


Once a year a small group of us get together for a bike ride. Rather than trying to set a PB on Strava the aim is to leisurely make it from A to B whilst taking in the sights. There's always a range of gear, some riding bikes that have gone across the alps and some riding a rusty bike they found in the garden shed.

This year we took a train to Ipswich and rode 75.8km to Saxmundham in Suffolk. For most of the group this was the longest they had ever ridden.