Creating a more focused news app


We recently helped ITV News launch apps for iOS and Android, a project that involved some pretty creative methods for getting maximum results in a short space of time. We went from wireframes to launch in nine weeks of build time, using a full-time team of one designer (me) and one developer (Raffi Jacobs), with support at various stages in design and development, project management, research and testing.


How and why we made two apps in nine weeks for ITV News


Back in April, when ITV News first suggested the idea of making a news app, we asked Why? We had doubts that an app was the best way to invest in News. But after a quick round of investigating options and potential returns, and then 9 weeks of rapid design and development, we delivered two apps, not one. This is the story of why, how and what we launched into the App Store and Google Play...


Designing for testing

At MxM NYC our team has redesigned, recoded, and restructured our client’s global e-commerce website twice within the past year. The first redesign gave their old site a fresh look with a modern, streamlined backend. The most recent redesign rebranded everything along with a new site structure that accommodated new product line ups.


Mining insanity


In 2008, I hacked together a little experiment called I Feel London, enabling people to share places they like to visit based on mood. It was, as you can see, very crappy, clunkily utilising Google’s (now retired) My Maps to get around my inability to code. Bizarrely, thousands of people got involved and I found myself manually inviting them all to each *individual* mood map in a frenzy that lasted an entire weekend. And they loved it, even though it was terrible. The whole episode was, by all accounts, insane.