What is the day to day reality of working on a project? There are thousands of blog posts written about strategy, product thinking, design, methodology but ultimately when working on every day on a product, this isn’t the reality. The reality is emails, a lot of emails. And tickets. Decisions. And the challenges that documenting and communicating those decisions bring.


David Cameron is committing crimes against typography

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Number 10 is now on Slideshare. That’s right, the slide hosting service loved by professionals and thought leaders around the world has been joined by the UK government.

And guess what? It’s terrible. Toe-curlingly, buttock-clenchingly awful.

I was about to launch into a big analysis of how the typography plunges into previously unchartered depths of awfulness (and why this matters) but I'm going to pull back… It is a Friday afternoon after all. Here it is in all it's majesty:


How we do CSS at Made by Many

This write-up aims to summarise our thinking about how to write CSS. It’s grown out of lots of conversations around best practices seen elsewhere, and ultimately what seems right for the kinds of work we do most.


Replacing Rails: Part 3 - Go and deploy!

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One of the sweeter things in go is most definitely deployment! Gone are the annoyances of setting up a server with the right version of Ruby (probably having to compile the right version as the Debian packages are often behind) installing all the gems you require and having to manage a git repository/keys.


The 20 things you should know when designing for classrooms

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Download the accompanying report at the end of this post to discover more about co-designing education services with teachers.

Collaboratively designing with end-users is core to the way we create new products and services at Made by Many.

We’ve taken a particular interest in the education space for a few years now - partly because we have been lucky enough to work on amazing client projects like Skype in the Classroom and School in the Cloud, but also because the shifts in education - and learning - are so dramatic and far-reaching. Education is long-overdue the kind of big disruption we see happening today. It’s basically been the same since the Enlightenment, and arguably the invention of the printing press. Today, there are a host of market needs to be addressed, real business problems to be solved and opportunities and new experiences to be unlocked by bringing tech and product design together.


Position closed: What the hell’s an embedded storyteller and why are we hiring one?

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Embedded Storyteller
London, UK

Made by Many is trying to hire an ‘in-house journalist’. The inverted commas are my apology for the horrible term, but job titles are hard. Why are we hiring such a person? The crude answer is to better market ourselves by more deliberately getting opinion pieces and news circulated. But the longer answer is more interesting and I suspect it’s a trend that is picking up across the industry.