Contactless bank cards have been around for a while, but I’ve never wanted one – until last weekend.


TimeOut MxM 12

This week we're talking about wearables and e-textiles, economic alternatives to money and the end of empathy, exploring New York's 1700 parks, running for climate action and getting unlimited refills of porridge for breakfast.

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User testing every single week


Made by Many believes in continual iteration and testing ideas with real users throughout the entire project. In NYC we’ve been working on re-launching a big global e-commerce platform. Meaning not only the branding, but site IA, checkout flows, product customization before purchasing, to name a few challenges. We were trying several new ideas in this redesign our client hadn’t done before, ideas we needed to continually make sure were easily understood to real people.


Hiring: Freelance Product Manager

Freelance Product Manager
London, UK

We’re looking for a Product Manager with ideally 2+ years of experience for a minimum of 2 months, to start immediately. You will be working to help us bring to market a unique physical product and paired application which can be effectively used to teach children the principles of coding. We’re going to run a Kickstarter campaign to introduce the product to consumers, which you’ll be responsible for running as a part of your engagement. You will not only be organizing and executing product production, but also acting as marketing manager and product champion. This entails communicating with press, potential customers, and interested parties across media channels to build enthusiasm and appetite for the product. Collaborating with you will be our dedicated product design and strategy team, as well as a series of external partners who are passionate about the learnings and opportunities that this brings.


Designing the whole venture, and not just the product

We recently celebrated our 7th anniversary, a moment that traditionally provides an opportunity to totally freak out about how much has happened, and what has changed and continues to change. In this post, I wanted to share one of the most exciting changes we’re making here at Made by Many with a wider audience – not least because it addresses a problem that I believe anyone trying to create sustainable value through digital products will recognise.




Meet Popcycle, a new music application for iOS. Popcycle has been our project since May as the design and development interns at Made by Many in NYC. We’re excited to introduce the beta version of our application!

We like to think of Popcycle as a more thoughtful shuffle. Jump through songs based on the artist, genre, year or city of what you’re listening to now. Along the way, you’ll discover new music and learn a thing or two about your old favorites.

Popcycle is powered by The Echo Nest, a music intelligence platform, and will be available for both Spotify Premium and Rdio Unlimited listeners.

The app was born out of a rather open-ended project brief: more or less, to make something useful, and accordingly, to make something that interested and excited both of us. A few weeks and one surprisingly lengthy conversation with a stranger in Washington Square Park later, we decided to pursue music as a problem space.

For the archive, here’s the first vague sketch that led to our two-month build of what has come to be Popcycle: