A recent BBC survey has found that 4 million people in the UK expect to spend most of Christmas day alone. This isn't just a problem at this time of year. One in ten people over 65 say they feel lonely all or most of the time. So, how can we as individuals tackle loneliness, and can technology help?

A common response when digital is suggested as a solution in this area is that it can't help older people who aren't online, or it makes loneliness worse. I'm interested in which digital tools we can use to enable more relationships to be created and nurtured, rather than replacing personal interaction. Here are three small ideas about how tech can be used in this way. I'd love to hear from you if you have more examples.


Unbillable Hours - Festive edition


Unbillable Hours is our weekly round-up of what we're doing when we're not working on client projects, plus our most-talked-about Slack links.

Our ninth edition is full of seasonal cheer, and a couple of days early as we're all shoving off on our holidays soon. This week I've gone all-in on the festive vibes. Normal service will resume in the New Year.


Unbillable hours #8


Another week, another Unbillable Hours. This week we've been debating Snake Proof Suits, having a Christmas party on a beach and lining up to sign our Christmas books. Read on for more.