The future of retail has some interesting twists and turns ahead, many of which aren't immediately intuitive. Here are at least eight that you should know about.


ITV News - election 2015

Last year we embarked on a project with ITV focusing on their election coverage in May. However, we all wanted to avoid solely developing functionality that could only be used for one night. This meant that we had to identify the must have requirements to serve the election night itself and focus the rest of our time on more long lived functionality.


Memories of WWDC

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It's that time of year when the Apple developer community prepares for Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), an annual gathering in San Francisco of around five thousand developers from around the world. These days the event is so over subscribed Apple uses a lottery system to determine who gets tickets. Sadly I won't be going this year but I have been fortunate to have been to eight WWDCs, the first in 1996 and the last in 2014. How things have changed...


The (not so) little things: day to day decision making

What is the day to day reality of working on a project? There are thousands of blog posts written about strategy, product thinking, design, methodology but ultimately when working on every day on a product, this isn’t the reality. The reality is emails, a lot of emails. And tickets. Decisions. And the challenges that documenting and communicating those decisions bring.


David Cameron is committing crimes against typography

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Number 10 is now on Slideshare. That’s right, the slide hosting service loved by professionals and thought leaders around the world has been joined by the UK government.

And guess what? It’s terrible. Toe-curlingly, buttock-clenchingly awful.

I was about to launch into a big analysis of how the typography plunges into previously unchartered depths of awfulness (and why this matters) but I'm going to pull back… It is a Friday afternoon after all. Here it is in all it's majesty: