Healthcare and health technology are areas that the marketing and advertising industry don't really talk too much about, so I thought it would be good to shine the spotlight there for a change. There are lots of lessons to be learnt from healthcare that are extremely applicable to planning. I thoroughly enjoyed Atul Gawande's Checklist Manifesto for example, which narrates a number of real-life incidents in medicine that people learnt from, using those lessons to improve day-to-day working processes in hospitals. 


We're hiring: Experienced user interface developer wanted

PLEASE NOTE: This vacancy has now been filled.

We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic UI developer with expert-level HTML/CSS/JS skills and a creative outlook to join our development team in building social/community platforms. Though primarily responsible for the coding and development of rich user interfaces, you will also be expected to work alongside designers, strategists and core developers with a view to creating rich web applications.

Are you someone with a passion for client-side programming, a strong interest in emerging technologies (HTML5/Canvas/CSS3) and have a good eye for line-height and margins? Then we're interested in talking to you.


How much more participation can you handle?

Remember when the Web was new and every brand had to have a 'home page'?

Back then - in the 90s - the term was used inter-changeably with 'website'. No-one knew what they were actually for, but everyone had to have one. Every brand, even breakfast cereals, shoe polish, toothpaste and cat food, had to have one. Even the most boring brands had to have them. They eventually became known as microsites. No-one knew why they existed or what they did, but everyone assumed that it was massively important to have one and if you didn't you'd be missing out on a potential global audience of billions.


We’re hiring: Junior Designers

After the success that was our last call for a designer (look how happy he was to join us!) we thought we’d give it another go. 

We’re looking for a couple of junior to mid-weight designers, creative geek types obsessed with the coming web and fiendish about making new things. This could be your first job or you could have a bit of experience behind you – either way, your attitude is more important than your work history.