Staying with the design theme, here are some videos on design for when you have a few minutes to spare:

August De Los Reyes, Design Director at the Artefact Group in Washington D.C, outlines his vision for 21st Century design in a talk at MIX 11, Microsoft's conference for designers & developers last month. The video simultaneously shows his slides running through as he talks - very useful and something which most recorded talks don't offer.


Making an Androidy Android app for vinspired

Last year we made a well-received iPhone app for vinspired. The idea behind the app was to make it even easier for young volunteers to find volunteering opportunities and to document their activity and to share it with the world. We recently started work on an updated version of that app – look out for it in the App Store in the next few weeks – but we haven't been idle in the intervening time. Today, vinspired are announcing BlackBerry and Android versions of the app at ND11.


Slideshare presentations of the week: design (2)

Here are a few interesting presentations on design that I came across recently:

1. Minneapolis-based web design & strategy agency Livefront gave a presentation on design at Minnebar 2011 , a technology and design unconference in Minnesota. In it, they talk about the need to move from 'prescribed' design to 'responsive' design by paying attention to what is happening on the web and mobile.  

More below. 


What would Instagram sound like?

Instagram has changed the way I look at photography, from taking single images of beautiful found ephemera to sharing sequences of images as an event or moment unfolds. These moments become a journey through your life, one that is both shared and intimate (as @malbonster mentions in his recent blog post; Making sense of life through photography).

This made me think about the way that photography has evolved and integrated into our lives. It also made me wonder how literal photographic journeys could evolve. How could the day of a social group be documented though more than just a camera lens? To capture more than just one media (or sense)?

This led to an experiment: could the 'development' of a photographic journey be through the addition of sound bites? What would the experience become, would sound enhance or disrupt the imagery?