Like many people, I've considered deleting my Facebook account. Not out of spite, or the desire to make a stand, but mainly because it's no longer useful. I've met all the people I'm going to meet on Facebook, and I struggle to see the value in remaining a member.

Whenever I seriously think about deleting my account, though, I can't go through with it.

It might be that I'm holding out for some of those long-lost friends to get in contact. I keep the Facebook beacon alight and fire the occasional flare into the internet, where I know the people who don't Twitter or Instagram will see me.

Searches for "delete facebook" on twitter


But that's not really it, and now I see what keeps me connected to Facebook when the value in the service has disappeared:


A jumble of links and some thoughts

To wrap up this week, here are some interesting links that have been floating around the office, and some of this week's tech news that caught our eye. From the slowly growing relationship between advertising and venture capital to Google's latest ventures, it's all there. 


Slideshare presentations of the week: customer development

This week's curated Slideshare presentations are on the theme of customer development and lean startup methodologies. As a company who follows these principles ourselves, it's rather useful to see how they're being used by others, and indeed see if there are interesting new things we can learn and continue to apply to our work. 


Heather unplugged

Hopefully you’ve read Heather’s post about how she came to Made by Many to do an internship and what she learnt in all that time with us. It’s been a great 6 months (she left last weekend), and we all really enjoyed having her here, not to mention how we appreciate the fantastic design work she did on a number of our projects. I got her to answer a few questions before she left – here’s what she said: