Anyone who has used iOS will be familiar with the way Apple uses animation in their apps. It's one of the most delightful features of the platform and users loved it, even before there was an App Store. If you use apps that don't employ judicious animation, you get a sense of something missing, of an undefinable lack of quality. 


Hello, Holler Gram!

Last week our new iPad app, the SXSW-themed Holler Gram, hit the app store. Today we’re introducing the Holler Gram to the world with a post on the design story and an in-person show and tell over a beer at MxM HQ this evening.

The Holler Gram is a cheeky, disruptive little number we’re calling “a physical messaging platform”. It turns your iPad into a glowing sign you can use during the sessions and parties of SXSWi 2011 this coming week. It’s fully wired up to Twitter and stacked with pre-set messages and a big numbers score-slider so you can unleash your inner armchair critic pretty much whenever and wherever you please. Intrigued? Read on...


The Last of the Launch-and-Leave 'Ems at SXSW 2011: mark your calendars!

So this week is the beginning of the week-long party conference that is SXSW Interactive. Austin is going to be submerged with geeks from across the globe, including, of course, some of us from Made by Many. A lot of tequila will be drunk, and a lot of interesting conversations with people we otherwise only know on Twitter will be had (I anticipate ‘you look nothing like your avatar’ and 'you look exactly like your avatar' being oft-used phrases!).


A view from the paywall

On Thursday I took part in The Media Briefing’s debut event, Paywall Strategies 2011. The day was dedicated to exploring a variety of different approached to paid digital content and assessing the merits, weaknesses and underlying principles of each. 

This wasn’t the first such event I’ve been to, and in fact I had heard several of the speakers address the topic before. But this is a fast-moving challenge, and I found that the publishing landscape – and, critically, publishers’ attitudes– had changed a lot since the last time I parachuted in.


Facebook Is The Ultimate "Minimum Viable Product"

Like many people, I've considered deleting my Facebook account. Not out of spite, or the desire to make a stand, but mainly because it's no longer useful. I've met all the people I'm going to meet on Facebook, and I struggle to see the value in remaining a member.

Whenever I seriously think about deleting my account, though, I can't go through with it.

It might be that I'm holding out for some of those long-lost friends to get in contact. I keep the Facebook beacon alight and fire the occasional flare into the internet, where I know the people who don't Twitter or Instagram will see me.

Searches for "delete facebook" on twitter


But that's not really it, and now I see what keeps me connected to Facebook when the value in the service has disappeared: