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I didn't?

Okay. Well, it's safe to say I am obsessed with this app and its precious, awesome community. In next to no time, all my base are belong to Instagram. It has stealthily taken apart and re-made my online life in the course of a few weeks. And it's mobile: it's an on-the-go service, not something I have to sit down and use at a desktop - so I AM talking about my *whole* life, much to the chagrin of my wife and child :)

This weekend Instagram passed 3 million users. This is massive because we're talking about 3 million iPhone users only (you can't currently add photos any other way), and in recognition of the total hotness, co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger were interviewed by TechCrunch about their plans and what they think Instagram means.

Hint: it's not a mobile photo-sharing service 


Slideshare presentations of the week: design

This week, our topic of conversation on the blog is design. From design thinking to user experience design and even learner experience design, a term I thought was fairly new but seems to have been mentioned back in 2004.  

First, Zaana Howard from Swinburne University in Australia talks about design thinking on the fly, using Agile principles.  

Read on for more.


Color app

Color is a new mobile location based photo app that lets you share photos with people around you. There's no need to follow friends because the social connections are based on distance. I like the concept - viewing real-time collections of photos from people experiencing one event like a party or gig. Color also lets you to shoot video, something I'd love from Instagram.