After the success that was our last call for a designer (look how happy he was to join us!) we thought we’d give it another go. 

We’re looking for a couple of junior to mid-weight designers, creative geek types obsessed with the coming web and fiendish about making new things. This could be your first job or you could have a bit of experience behind you – either way, your attitude is more important than your work history.

Quora is from Mars, Instagram is from Venus

Quora vs Instagram

Quora and Instagram have both been rocking my world over the past few weeks, for very different reasons. Both provide incredibly intense community experiences. Both use other services to some extent parasitically. Both should - arguably - have been built by existing services (Twitter should have built Quora; Flickr should have built Instagram). Both are much discussed and debated, and growing rapidly.

But that's where the similarity ends.


Oops! Youview slips

Thanks to the Telegraph for this gem from a senior TV exec talking about another six month delay to the launch of Youview, the £35m JV between BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel Five, TalkTalk, BT and Arquiva: 

"It just doesn't work when you turn it on and keeps crashing. 

"You would think that after at least 18 months of development and at least six million pounds worth of investment from each shareholder, the box would actually work when being shown to its owners." 

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Do I live in a connected world?

Signing up for Quora has made me stop and think about whether I live in a connected world. All my friends are online, or at least have an online presence. I have mobile phone numbers and email addresses for my friends, sometimes once, twice over. My friends have presences all over the web, on Facebook and Twitter to name just a few.

Or do they?

I found finding my friends and contacts on Quora quite tough. Admittedly because the service is only beginning to catch fire (or spark at least) but also because my digital connections are nowhere near as complete as I inherently believe they are. With this mind I’ve stopped to harvest my address book, Twitter feed and Facebook friend list to find out where my friends are. How often do I interact with them digitally and in the real world? How easy are they to find and contact? Am I connected?


Happy New Year from us and Skype

It's now week two of 2011 and we're all getting back in the swing of things after a very busy break. Busy, because in addition to overindulging in mince pies, arguing bonding with family members and unwrapping gifts, we were also working – right through until 3 January – on a project for Skype.

Skype New Year's Eve Countdown


Are you designing the wrong thing?

I’ve worked on some seriously massive failures in my time.

The things I consider massive failures haven’t failed because of the usual things people worry about - being late, looking shoddy, being a bit slow, being unstable, lacking finesse etc. In fact, I've never worked on anything that's failed for these reasons.

They failed because nobody used them.