Now on Kickstarter:

Last year we made a working prototype of our programmable ball, Hackaball. Hundreds of kids played with it. They created plenty of fun, active and wacky games. It excited us to see that Hackaball encouraged a new way of play that kids really got into.

Seeing a demand from children, parents and schools, we developed an improved Hackaball that will be on Kickstarter soon. We’ll be counting on your support when the time comes!

In the meantime, as we’re so proud of what we’ve made, we’d really like to share our latest prototype with you. If you’re interested in seeing Hackaball in action, or would like us to come by to share our story with you, please get in touch.

If you like Hackaball and want to show your support, please vote for us for the IxDA people’s choice award and for our talk at Digital Shoreditch.

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Beyond the to-do app: Writing complex applications using Flux & React JS


Recently we've been building applications using the excellent React JS. We're now at a point where we've graduated to using Flux as an application pattern along side React, bringing more structure to our applications.

Flux is an excellent pattern, but most of the examples I've found to date have been fairly basic and don't accurately explain how to scale the pattern to more complex applications with multiple stores reading and writing data to remote sources. This post is a collection of tips and examples I've found along the way that will hopefully help others on their Flux adventures.


Unbillable Hours #12


Another weekly round-up of topics, thoughts, articles or activities that the folk at MxM have been sharing or doing between ourselves in London and colleagues in snowy NYC.


Small Talks: Cities


Last week we hosted the first Small Talks of 2015, welcoming around 50 guests to our London Studio… and what a corker it was. The evening was brimming with urban ingenuity courtesy of three fantastic speakers. They shared their perspectives on how they tackle urban challenges and shift perceptions of our surroundings through our interactions with cities.