In 2008, I hacked together a little experiment called I Feel London, enabling people to share places they like to visit based on mood. It was, as you can see, very crappy, clunkily utilising Google’s (now retired) My Maps to get around my inability to code. Bizarrely, thousands of people got involved and I found myself manually inviting them all to each *individual* mood map in a frenzy that lasted an entire weekend. And they loved it, even though it was terrible. The whole episode was, by all accounts, insane.


Small Talks v1


Recently we launched our new event series, Small Talks. It's been a few months in the making, so we were delighted to squeeze about 50 people into our London studio and host three fantastic speakers.


A picture of your plan

I drew the below picture yesterday because, well, sometimes pictures say things best. It’s since been retweeted 360 times (and counting), so I’m guessing it resonated with others too...


Hiring: Senior Business Strategist

Senior Business Strategist
London, UK

At Made by Many, we work at the intersection of business strategy, product design and software development. Strategists, like everyone else here, play an important role in all three of these disciplines.

We’re looking for a senior business strategist to work with designers and technologists in a creative environment to develop new product ideas and bring them to market.