Last week Quartz held a conference focusing on the next billion people to connect to the internet as the developing world comes online quicker and quicker. The conference brought in speakers from all different fields and backgrounds. Google talked about Project: Loon, an architect specializing in developing world city design, and professors all took the stage to discuss how different the world might be in a future with many more billion connected. Most talks took the form of one on one interviews instead of lengthy slideshows, this meant a lot of topics were covered. My coworker and I attended and these are the key points we kept talking about afterwards.


DroidCon London


For those who don't know, DroidCon London (the biggest Android convention in the UK) happened this past weekend at the Angel Business Centre.
The event was organised by Novoda and Skills Matter, the same companies that organised the londroid meet ups, and they did a hell of a job getting some excellent speakers tackling good topics.


London Hackaball toy testers wanted!


Here at Made by Many we have been working on a very exciting project called Hackaball. We're really excited about how it has been coming together and we are at a stage where we want to test it with real users again. The project is ramping up for a Kickstarter and we're in the process re-designing and refining a lot of elements. If you're interested in seeing the guts of how that works, you can follow along at home here.

Hackaball is a digital toy for children that’s in the development process here at Made by Many. We believe learning should be active, stimulate imagination and most of all, fun. With Hackaball, children learn computing concepts like sequencing through play, developing a logical mind-set necessary to learn real programming without even realising it.


Open collaboration with external development partners

I don’t know about you, but I’m spoiled. I get to work with incredibly talented product developers in small multidisciplinary teams. Over time, we’ve developed a specific way of working together which is fast, collaborative and efficient. We’re in each others pockets throughout the process and it’s a blast. Sometimes I take for granted how productive this way of working is. Inevitably though, we sometimes need to work with external development partners. It’s a brilliant option to have, but undoubtedly comes with new challenges.