This isn't a post about a revolutionary new way of thinking about managing servers. The code and techniques we've been playing with are well-worn paths really, but I think there's an interesting point in here for companies like us. We develop web applications and run them for a relatively short time before handing them back to clients. We aren't focussed on long-term corralling of thousands of servers of different operating systems, and it seems to me that's what many server management tools are interested in.


What do creatives really need to know to succeed in digital careers?


There has been much discussion about children learning digital making skills, but what is being done to help prepare young people entering the workplace now?

Everyone is talking about coding, but what else do you need to know to get hired and succeed in the digital? What are these roles even called? Where do you fit in? How can industry work with universities to ensure students are prepared?


A future when we're all online

Last week Quartz held a conference focusing on the next billion people to connect to the internet as the developing world comes online quicker and quicker. The conference brought in speakers from all different fields and backgrounds. Google talked about Project: Loon, an architect specializing in developing world city design, and professors all took the stage to discuss how different the world might be in a future with many more billion connected. Most talks took the form of one on one interviews instead of lengthy slideshows, this meant a lot of topics were covered. My coworker and I attended and these are the key points we kept talking about afterwards.