With the start of the coming school year kids in the UK from age 5 and up will have coding as a standard part of the curriculum. For the tech industry this is an exciting development promising a continued influx of young people into tech related courses in higher education and the job market. I have a more personal reason why coding in the curriculum is massively exciting to me. I believe that by opening up coding to everyone it creates the potential for a future where female programmers like myself are common instead of rare anomalies.


5 thoughts on conducting in-depth interviews


In-depth interviews are one of many qualitative tools we use to gain insight into a problem or opportunity, through understanding people's behaviours, experiences and needs.

My favorite part about conducting user research at Made by Many is meeting a wide variety of people from different fields of work. Discussing people's habits, needs and personal experiences is both a privilege and a humbling encounter. The challenge however, is extracting the maximum valuable (and honest) information about the problem you’re trying to solve, in a usually short space of time.

Here are 5 things I find useful for planning and running interviews.


MxM TimeOut 2

Check out all the cool things that are on our radar this week without having to hack our inboxes. This week we're discussing what it means to be a responsible member of the tech community, getting locked in rooms for fun, handling medical artefacts and eating more tofu than usual.

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Why we shouldn’t ‘fetishise’ customer development


We’ve been reconsidering what words to use when describing Made by Many. Making sure we say the right things for the right reasons - and of course for the right effect. During this process, one of our clients warned us not to ‘fetishise’ customer development, which is a good point, phrased poignantly, and something I’ve thought about myself.


Introducing Small Talks


We're really excited to announce Small Talks, a new event series that we're going to be hosting at Made by Many's London and NYC studios this autumn.

Small Talks shines the spotlight on things that go unnoticed but are integral to the way we live. Speakers will share stories about the small, sometimes invisible, humble design whose impact outweighs its fame.

There will be no ‘portfolio presentations’ at Small Talks. Instead, our speakers will discuss what lies at the core of their work - their passion, pain, process and progress, backstories, partnerships, failures and lessons.

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We are still looking for speakers for Small Talks. If you are a maker of things* physical or digital, big or small, that are helpful to people but you think have not been shown the love they deserve, drop us a line at smalltalks@madebymany.co.uk.


MxM TimeOut


After recent conversations at the Made by Many London studio about improving communication across teams, coming up with after hours activities with more diverse appeal and finding inspiration outside our usual sources, we've started collecting and sharing the amazing stuff that gets sent round the office every week. And because sharing is caring, we're opening it up to you now so you know what's on our radar this week.

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