Universal Music Group’s classical catalogue is the most comprehensive in the world, and it contains many of the finest recordings ever made, including the archives of Deutsche Grammophon and Decca. But there was a problem – physical music sales were declining, and existing digital platforms such as iTunes and Spotify didn't serve the needs of classical listeners well.


Front-end Developer (London)

Front-end Developer
London, UK

Update: This position has been filled.

We’re looking for a front-end developer to join our engineering team in London.

As a front-end developer at Made by Many, you’ll be involved in diverse and interesting work on everything from green-field products, to large complex systems, to interactive prototypes that test new ideas with customers. You’ll be focused on making a successful product, not just a beautiful codebase, and will work closely with our talented team of developers, strategists, designers and product managers to do so.


Rendering images: When HTML is too much

I’ve been building a dashboard for my desk. It needs an E-ink screen and internet connectivity, and it turns out the best way to do this is with a hacked Kindle[1]. It’s actually pretty easy to get a ‘rooted’ Kindle to download and display a PNG image fullscreen, but I found the main challenge is how to generate that image on a server.