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Adam Morris

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Structuring research: improving your designs through customer feedback

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We were 6 weeks into a project. We’d got under the skin of our clients business and had ran a bunch of depth interviews along with insights driven prototyping with their customers. Divergent concepts had been pitted against one another and lots had been thrown out along the way. We emerged on the other side with a proposition and initial designs that customers responded well to. We had a thing!


About listening

Becoming a more empathic and user-centered designer is about gaining a better understanding of people. And that starts with listening.

I’m not just talking about listening in a design research environment either. But at every opportunity — with clients, users and colleagues.
Especially with colleagues.


Creating on-brand iconography

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Over the years, I’ve been challenged with designing several icon sets for totally new and established brands. Whenever I start concepting and designing a new icon set, there are a few lenses I use to approach creating on-brand iconographic systems.

I’ve found these constraints and rules have helped me create consistency across large scale icon sets, that feel an integral part of the product and brand.


Small Talks: Disruptive making

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Last week we hosted another of our Small Talks events - this time focusing on 3 different perspectives around disruptive making. During the course of the evening we and 50 guests found out more about co-design and open making, also questioning how workspaces influence creativity - or if you even need one at all.


Small Talks: Cities

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Last week we hosted the first Small Talks of 2015, welcoming around 50 guests to our London Studio… and what a corker it was. The evening was brimming with urban ingenuity courtesy of three fantastic speakers. They shared their perspectives on how they tackle urban challenges and shift perceptions of our surroundings through our interactions with cities.


Open collaboration with external development partners

I don’t know about you, but I’m spoiled. I get to work with incredibly talented product developers in small multidisciplinary teams. Over time, we’ve developed a specific way of working together which is fast, collaborative and efficient. We’re in each others pockets throughout the process and it’s a blast. Sometimes I take for granted how productive this way of working is. Inevitably though, we sometimes need to work with external development partners. It’s a brilliant option to have, but undoubtedly comes with new challenges.