Adam Morris

Design n' That

Small Talks: Disruptive making


Last week we hosted another of our Small Talks events - this time focusing on 3 different perspectives around disruptive making. During the course of the evening we and 50 guests found out more about co-design and open making, also questioning how workspaces influence creativity - or if you even need one at all.


Small Talks: Cities


Last week we hosted the first Small Talks of 2015, welcoming around 50 guests to our London Studio… and what a corker it was. The evening was brimming with urban ingenuity courtesy of three fantastic speakers. They shared their perspectives on how they tackle urban challenges and shift perceptions of our surroundings through our interactions with cities.


Open collaboration with external development partners

I don’t know about you, but I’m spoiled. I get to work with incredibly talented product developers in small multidisciplinary teams. Over time, we’ve developed a specific way of working together which is fast, collaborative and efficient. We’re in each others pockets throughout the process and it’s a blast. Sometimes I take for granted how productive this way of working is. Inevitably though, we sometimes need to work with external development partners. It’s a brilliant option to have, but undoubtedly comes with new challenges.


Reimagined ITV homepage goes live

ITV Homepage

It's required a lot of secrecy here at Made by Many to keep it under wraps, but we're excited that the new ITV homepage went live earlier this week. Part of a complete rebrand of ITV, this has been a great opportunity to highlight the depth and breadth of ITV's content - showcasing the best of ITV right now whilst simultaneously reinforcing the broadcaster's new brand position: at the heart of popular culture.

The homepage is a result from collaboration between Made by Many and the in-house design and development teams at ITV.