Alex Barlow

I like programming in Hipster languages

Bzzzt! Opening the door using WebSockets and a Raspberry Pi


A few of us Many have been playing around with hardware here over the past year or two. Being a purely software orientated person myself I found hardware and specifically electronics to be of a different world.

When the Arduino and Raspberry Pi came out however, it felt a lot more accessible and I could use my skills in software to power something special.

To start with we hacked our toilets our meeting rooms and now our front door.

Our office comes with an archaic door opening system that is also somewhat broken. Unfortunately we aren't allowed to change it due to external cable routing and our building being a listed building. So we did what any reasonable developer would do: we hacked it with a Raspberry Pi!


The Architecture Behind Picle App

As with most social online applications, you can think of the data as more like a graph than very simple objects that stand alone. This kind of an application and data is my favourite kind of system to architect and here is why. I warn you, this might get geeky..