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Andrew Walker

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Front-end Developer (London)

Front-end Developer
London, UK

We’re looking for a front-end developer to join our engineering team in London.

As a front-end developer at Made by Many, you’ll be involved in diverse and interesting work on everything from green-field products, to large complex systems, to interactive prototypes that test new ideas with customers. You’ll be focused on making a successful product, not just a beautiful codebase, and will work closely with our talented team of developers, strategists, designers and product managers to do so.

While we’re very interested in your skills as a developer, we’ll also expect you to be involved in the strategy and direction of a product before even opening a text editor. We believe that everyone has important experience that can help shape a product and that your insight and perspective on technology will be a big part of what we deliver.

Made by Many is an open, exciting and welcoming place to work. Here, you will find new colleagues who are deeply excited by the opportunity to create thoughtful digital products and services. We believe that our differences and unique perspectives are what help us produce innovative, awesome work. We are deeply committed to diversity in the workplace, and encourage applications from people who think the same way.

At Made by Many we work with clients such as ITV, Universal Music and Skype to conceive, design and build new products and services that are thoughtful and have a lasting impact.


Speak at Front-end London

Medium background

Front-end London One Day, the larger, day-long version of the free monthly meet-up hosted by Made by Many will be back in 2014! Get ready for a full day of cutting-edge, insightful talks about all aspects of front-end design and development.

We’re inviting the front-end community to submit talks for the event which takes place this year on October 4th in London. This Call for Presentations closes on August 24th.