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Isaac Pinnock

Isaac is a founding member of Made by Many, where he employs his experience in rapid web prototyping, and in transforming a set of business requirements into a viable and desirable customer experience. Isaac is an interaction designer who understands how to develop a service idea and make it real.

David Cameron is committing crimes against typography

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Number 10 is now on Slideshare. That’s right, the slide hosting service loved by professionals and thought leaders around the world has been joined by the UK government.

And guess what? It’s terrible. Toe-curlingly, buttock-clenchingly awful.

I was about to launch into a big analysis of how the typography plunges into previously unchartered depths of awfulness (and why this matters) but I'm going to pull back… It is a Friday afternoon after all. Here it is in all it's majesty:


We're hiring: Senior UX/UI Designer

Senior UX/UI Designer
London, UK

Made by Many’s London team is looking for a Senior UX/UI Designer to create beautiful and thoughtful digital products that have a lasting impact. Your role will be to ensure the design vision excels throughout the lifetime of a project, from initial sketches to final release. You will be collaborating very closely with clients, users and developers from conception through to launch.


Can a few well chosen words improve inclusivity?

Yahoo, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn have all recently published diversity reports that reveal workforces that are overwhelmingly male, white and Asian.

Changing this status quo is something we’ve always cared about, though it’s not always been an issue that’s been at the front of our minds. However, this isn’t just a personal issue, but a business one. It’s been proved over and over that having a diverse and inclusive workforce is a key to business success, especially in the field of innovation.

Currently Made by Many’s gender split for fee-earning staff is 33% female and 67% male (good, but could be better), however, at the beginning of the year I wondered whether our job adverts were doing all we could to help us create as inclusive a workforce as possible.


We're hiring: junior designer

As a Junior designer at Made by Many you will be crafting customer centred experiences for web, mobile or connected devices. With support from designers, strategists and developers you will help us create products and services that matter.


We're hiring: senior designer

We’re looking for a senior interaction designer who is deeply excited by the opportunity of creating sustainable, thoughtful digital products that have lasting impact. Someone who passionately believes user experience is integral to how people feel about a product - whether it's on the web, mobile or a connected device.


We're hiring: Senior designer

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[UPDATE: This position is now filled]

We’re looking for an unreasonably talented, and driven, senior designer. Someone who passionately believes user experience is integral to how people feel about a product. Who knows (and probably tells other people all the time) that design is integral to the success of all products and services.