Mike laurie

Mike Laurie

Mike plans digital things, mostly services, usually quite sociable ones. He lives in South East London with his wife and 3 kids. Despite working for 10 years with brands such as BlackBerry, Nestlé, Channel4, Sky and Cancer Research, Mike still hasn't managed to work out what it is he really wants to be when he grows up. Tags include: easily distracted, reformed flash developer, twitter, northern, tea, pies, ale, pizza, danish furniture, mantraluna, dogs, cats, not mice, fixed gear bikes, bmx

Vine fame

I've been fascinated by Vine over the last month. It's growing at a phenomenal rate, but what is it that's really making Vine sky-rocket at the moment?


The work instinct

Recently, I've been learning about the nature of work and Organisational Design (OD) from Naomi Stanford, who has a number of books and an excellent blog on those topics. Naomi's TEDx talk on the Future of Work from last October struck an unexpected chord with me.
In our house, every time we purchase anything that comes in a box, such as a pair of shoes, a TV or a blender, our children demand the box. They bloody love empty boxes and will fight bitterly over them. We're regularly forced to broker elaborate timeshare schemes or provide intermediation to enable shared custody of the empty boxes. We're not short of a toy or two in our house, my partner is a registered childminder so we have over 100 million different toys available for me to trip over. There are plenty of LEGO bricks left on the carpet for me to place the full weight of my body using just the ball of my naked foot.

Lean Bureaucracy

On Wednesday night I was talking to someone that works in innovation for local government. I wont go into too much detail about her position or the organisation she works for. She was asking about the way we work at Made by Many and we talked about the cross-over between lean practices in manufacturing, product design, Lean startups, innovation and UX. I was fairly  surprised and dissappointed by what I heard.


The Ribman & lean streetfood

If you really want to understand the application of Japanese management philosophy beyond its interpretation as Lean Manufacturing, forget about tech startups and take a look at the street food industry in the UK.


Ideas as excess inventory

Ideas are a critical to the invention, evolution and optimisation of systems of any kind, whether we're talking about organisational change, inventing new products or startups or helping fix problems with older products and systems. In western culture, an abundance of ideas opitomises the creative spirit. But new ideas also come with insidious taxes. Aside from being the building blocks of any thoughtful endeavour, ideas can also be incredibly damaging to productivity and progress.