On the last day of the SxSW Interactive festival a couple of young female zombies shuffled over to us. They’d been ‘turned’ that very morning and were handing out ‘infected’ stickers and leaflets to get people involved in the world’s first community generated zombie film, Lost Zombies.

The site, LostZombies.com, is a zombie-themed social network built using the Ning platform. The site provides a video ‘brief’ (below) and a time-line for the infection and documentary. Contributors are asked to submit their own ‘proofs’ that Zombies exist – as well as “videos, photos, stories and recreations which we intend to compile into a community generated zombie documentary”. There’s also a grid that displays submitted ‘proofs’ that other users can then create media for.

Find more videos like this on Lost Zombies

The site won this year’s SXSW Community and People’s Choice Awards and demonstrates how easy it now is for anyone to use free software to create something niche that really works. We’ll have to wait and see how the film turns out but it’s a very cool idea and if you think about it the horde scenes from zombie movies have always been crowd-sourced.

Here’s the intro video:

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