We're planning a new meet-up for Interface Developers in January  and we're looking for people who would be willing to talk (and attend).

Being an interface / front-end developer today means knowing about a wide range of tools and technologies and it seems that there are new tools and frameworks released each day. Rebecca Murphey wrote a great post about this in April, 'A Baseline for Front-end Developers' which highlights just how much we need to know.

There are quite a few great meetups and conferences now happening regaulary in London, but I feel that we're missing a great meetup for front-end developers. So, we at Made By Many are going to be hosting a new meetup in January 2013 here in our Islington office, specifically aimed at Interface Developers and we're looking for some really great speakers. 

The subjects we're aiming to cover are:

  • SASS / LESS / CSS3
  • UI / Grid Frameworks (Bootstrap / Zurb etc)
  • JS (modules / frameworks / testing)
  • Template engines
  • Responsive / Adaptive approaches
  • The latest HTML5 features 
  • Build tools (Grunt / Rake etc)  
  • Debugging tools / tips

Obviously it's quite ambitious to cover all of these subjects in one evening, so we'll try and pick a variety of talks to give the broadest subject matter, whilst keeping them focussed to things that front-end developers would be interested in.

We'd like to keep the talks fairly short (ideally around 15 minutes) and give a mixture of 3-4 talks per meet-up, maybe with a break and an open discussion forum and definitely with a trip to one of the excellent local pubs after. 

So if you feel like you have a talk that would be a good fit for this subject matter then please send me an email, or a tweet and for everyone else that's interested in attending the event please stay tuned - we'll have more information soon.

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