We finally pressed that big green button on Kickstarter and launched Hackaball!

Hackaball is like a computer you can throw. It's designed for six to ten year old kids and can introduce them to basic ideas of coding, while keeping them active. We’re really excited to hear what you think.

We've already been made a Kickstarter Staff Pick and been covered by Wired.

How you can help make Hackaball a Kickstarter success story

Please back us. Support Hackaball by backing us on Kickstarter, from just $1. If you want to get Hackaball for your kids (or yourself!) please back us. Be quick, as there's only a limited quantity at our special early bird price for $65.

If you like Hackaball please help us shout about it! Tell people in the street, in your office, down the pub, or your kids' school.

Here are three ways you can support us online with #MissionKickstarter:

1) Tell your friends about Hackaball's Kickstarter page with a retweet:

2) Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to stay in touch. Check out our photos on Instagram of the journey from intern project through prototyping and getting ready for fundraising.

3) Spread the word with a tweet to your followers - eg. "I'm supporting @Hackaball #MissionKickstarter hackaball.com/kickstarter"

Thank you for your support!

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