Now on Kickstarter:

Last year we made a working prototype of our programmable ball, Hackaball. Hundreds of kids played with it. They created plenty of fun, active and wacky games. It excited us to see that Hackaball encouraged a new way of play that kids really got into.

Seeing a demand from children, parents and schools, we developed an improved Hackaball that will be on Kickstarter soon. We’ll be counting on your support when the time comes!

In the meantime, as we’re so proud of what we’ve made, we’d really like to share our latest prototype with you. If you’re interested in seeing Hackaball in action, or would like us to come by to share our story with you, please get in touch.

If you like Hackaball and want to show your support, please vote for us for the IxDA people’s choice award and for our talk at Digital Shoreditch.

You can also follow our story on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Alex Harding

Hackaball is now live on Kickstarter!!! Please back and share us on

Rozemir Souza

How can i adquerir this one??? Where to buy???

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