Magic was the once privilege of only a few. But when the world is full of sorrow, anxiety, violence and loneliness, we can’t afford this privilege anymore – we need more magic.


Prototyping and the split-pea principle

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For an industry obsessed by change it’s easy to think of prototyping as being a new thing, a fad, or a response to agile software development. It’s easy to overlook the benefits and advantages, to forget just how valuable prototyping is – in any business or environment.


How to survive as a lone QA engineer

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Being a QA professional can be quite difficult and stressful, particularly when you’re stretched across multiple projects. Some experts say it’s not possible to effectively QA multiple projects — but I disagree. I find working across multiple projects a great challenge, but thanks to agile development techniques, I find it entirely possible. Here’s how to do it.