Being a QA professional can be quite difficult and stressful, particularly when you’re stretched across multiple projects. Some experts say it’s not possible to effectively QA multiple projects — but I disagree. I find working across multiple projects a great challenge, but thanks to agile development techniques, I find it entirely possible. Here’s how to do it.


A new digital presence for the World Economic Forum

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When global attention turned to the World Economic Forum during its annual meeting in Davos this January, readers logging on to from around the world did so to an entirely refreshed website – one which had solved a range of technical, design and product challenges including rebuilding a web platform around customer relationship management, designing around an authoritative brand identity, and applying lean and agile methodologies to the organisation.


Can we revolutionise Telehealth?

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At Made by Many we passionately believe that design and technology can make a huge difference to people’s lives – especially in the sphere of health and wellness. That’s why over the next few weeks we’ll be posting a series of pieces on the thinking and making we’ve been doing in this area.