Amnesty International UK has just launched Amnesty TV, an online factual entertainment platform designed to humanise activism and inspire a mass audience to stand up for human rights. Its launch coincides with Amnesty's 50th anniversary and marks the natural next step in the evolution of campaigning and activism.

Amnesty is a longtime client of ours. In 2008 we created Protect The Human and we've had an ongoing role shaping Amnesty's social media strategy. Amnesty is the kind of organisation we're really proud to work with and we were thrilled to be asked to deliver the platform for Amnesty TV. 


Slideshares of the week: design (6)

This week, I came across some useful and neat-looking slides on design, (the latter of which is a good thing given the theme!).

First, from grammar to models and perception, Simon Collison, a freelance designer, writes about a dialect for design. The presentation has really clean graphics; don't forget to look at his website.   


Google+: Leila Johnston's first impressions

I'm very pleased to host Leila Johnston, our most recent recruit and a fabulous content strategist, talking here about Google+. Leila's awaiting her Made by Many avatar before she can post directly, so stay tuned to hear more from Leila soon.

Google+ circles
Over to Leila...

Slideshare presentations of the week: Google Plus

This week has been all about Google+ for us here at Made by Many. Well, mostly. So it literally shouts out as the presentation theme for the week. If you're on Google+, don't forget to follow us:

First, Ross Mayfield, Slideshare's VP of Business Development, has a nice guide to how Circles work in Google Plus. Getting Circles right is key to making the right use of Google, so this is good to know for those who are still finding their way around.