This week, we look at 3 recent presentations on lean startups and customer development. 

To start off,  Janice Fraser, entrepreneur and founder/CEO at Luxr, a residency programme for lean startups in San Francisco, covers the basics and then goes on to explain how lean UX can change the way we do business. Some good sketches and quotes.  

Ux for lean startups london
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An impossible challenge? 50 days to raise a million for E. Africa. We need your help.

As we reported yesterday, we have had so many great suggestions posted to Good by Ideas that we have decided to try to do justice to as many of them as possible by building a temporary countdown site. Online for just 50 days, this site will showcase some great fundraisers and their efforts, as well as telling some of the stories of those affected in East Africa – and we are assembling it as we speak!


Crowds and power

It’s been a weird few days in London. 

It’s hard imagining how these events might have felt without the Internet, or whether they would even have taken place.


Lean and keen: MxM and Good for Nothing kick off action for famine aid

Last night saw the first evening of MxM/GFN action for famine aid. 

With a huge amount of brilliant ideas already up on Good by Ideas our first step was to try and sort these into groups: money-raising ideas we could build; story-telling ideas to raise awareness; and a range of 'other' ideas, from personal fund-raising projects to ideas with particular partner requirements.

Can you help? We need more teams of makers to help us make Good for Ideas...

The crisis in East Africa isn’t getting better. Sadly, it’s likely to get much worse unless the world starts doing more very urgently. 

We’ve teamed up with Tom and friends at Good for Nothing to see if we can make some digital things to raise cash. We wanted to share some of the ideas that have been proposed, and to ask for more support - particularly from other teams of makers.


Made by Many apps of the week (3)

Are you one of those people who look at your phone in frustration every now and then, with the knowledge that there must be thousands of fantastic apps you're not making use of because you don't know about them? Fear not - here's Made by Many's list of the apps we're using more often than the rest at the moment:


Death Rally: This is the app for you if speed’s your thing.

Toca-Boca Hair Salon: Tim was the one who first introduced us to this super fun app that allows you to change a character’s hairstyles as if you were a (slightly warped) barber. Definitely one that kids will enjoy too, even if that last bit sounds a bit counter-intuitive!

Toca Doctor: In Charlotte’s words, ‘anatomical educational fun’.