It seems a bit weird to be posting a video about the East Africa drought and famine as a hurricane lashes into New York, but if you feel like taking a few minutes out from the world's biggest real-time extreme social weather event in human history, then please watch this film that introduces the project and its objectives. 

And then share the f**k out of it. Please.

50/50: Make or Break from 5050good on Vimeo.


OH at Made by Many (7)

Time for some Friday fun from us folks at Made by Many - you can thank us later :-D

OH: "So say you've done 500 fish..."

Thu Aug 18 14:00:58 +0000 2011


OH: "It's going to ring whenever an event happens, like Stuart goes to jail."

Fri Aug 12 11:21:00 +0000 2011

Paul Battley

OH: Moron was hip-deep in hacking.

Thu Jul 28 16:26:07 +0000 2011

Nicki Sprinz

OH: You need to be able to rollover the cat, and get the vajazzle.

Wed Jul 27 13:32:48 +0000 2011

Nicki Sprinz


We're hiring: Ruby Developers

Made by Many are looking for some more great technologists to join our team. As a company we conceive, design and develop new digital products and services for our clients. We relentlessly focus on user experience through a synthesis of great design and great technology because we believe that technology isn’t just the cogs in the engine, invisible to user, but is integral to how people feel about a product and the companies that make them. The products we make closely resemble digital start-ups and we use similar approaches and technologies to build them.

Our approach is highly Agile, using Scrum and sometimes Kanban based approaches; we work iteratively but even before that we prototype products with lightweight technologies to refine our thinking and test with customers. 

Our main back-end technology is Ruby, primarily because it is well suited to delivering innovative products in an iterative environment but we also work with NodeJS, iOS, MongoDB and other tech. We believe that making bespoke solutions utilising ‘small tools’ allows us to create innovative, emotional software. A lot of our solutions are deployed on AWS hosting and knowledge of deploying with Chef and scaling services would be helpful.

If you are experienced Ruby developer with a background making digital products and want to work in an environment working with designers and strategists collaborating on conceiving new ideas for products we would love to talk to you about a job here at Made by Many. We are looking for people with opinions about the right thing to do, passion for technology and great chops to pull off difficult coding challenges.

Please apply with your CV and your username at or email [email protected]


The 50/50 project: what to do now

Last week was amazing. Some truly incredible people got in touch with us - individuals, developers, teams and agencies from all over the world - all of whom want to run projects. This blog post is intended to bring people bang up-to-date with the latest thinking, planning, decisions, explanations and so on. Everything continues to 'evolve' at a frightening rate. 


Events: Cindy Gallop, storytelling and SXSW

In recent months we have hosted a few events at our London HQ. We've held a couple of show and tells, plus some panel chats and presentations on different technologies and ways of working. These have been fun: bright people sharing ideas with a very engaged audience usually makes for a good time. Also, each event offers an opportunity to meet new people, which is great.

At the end of this month we're hosting a talk by the hugely inspirational Cindy Gallop, and then in early October we're welcoming a panel of highly interesting characters for Storywarp 2. Read on for more info on these events, and how to RSVP.