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A haiku about product-led transformation

Last week we took half a day out as a company to re-state our vision for Made by Many and share some work we’ve been doing to sharpen our narrative.

Tim Malbon  ·  May 19 2017

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How we present a business case to a CEO at Made by Many

One of the key outputs of our vision and discovery service package is a business case. This blog post explains how we present this to a CEO and their team.

Peter Parkes  ·  May 19 2017

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Unleashing customer magic: our upcoming workshop at The Digital Content Summit 2017

We’re excited to be running a very different type of workshop at the Digital Content Summit 2017 in London next Tuesday 23 May.

Tim Malbon  ·  May 17 2017

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My top five product rules of thumb

One of the things I love about product is that it’s a discipline that’s still evolving—there’s a constant stream of new ideas on the best way to manage a p...

Joe Nixon  ·  Apr 27 2017

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Moneyball: the art of winning at “IT procurement”

Moneyball by Michael Lewis, tells the story of the 2002 season of the Oakland A’s, an American professional baseball team based in Oakland California, and ...

Andrew Walker  ·  Apr 21 2017

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Pull the Andon lever — don't bother innovating for your customers without innovating the way you work

How often does the company you work for stop what it’s doing to improve the way it operates? In manufacturing, the Andon lever is a lever anyone can pull t...

Tom Harding  ·  Apr 12 2017

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Four GIFs that introduce our new proposition at Made by Many

Four GIFs that introduce our new proposition at Made by Many

Tim Malbon  ·  Apr 05 2017

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The Empathic Consultant

How we balance people, business and power in our work as product designers

Isaac Pinnock  ·  Mar 30 2017

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Made by Many’s history of 2016 in 26 objects*

An end-of-year listicle in the form of an A-to-Z which, coincidentally, has 26 letters. Hence, 26 things done, said or made by Made by Many this most weird...

Kevin Braddock  ·  Dec 22 2016

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Innovation labs: best practice

This week we publish the second of our reports into innovation labs. While the last volume looked at the big questions facing these entities – the Why, Wha...

Kevin Braddock  ·  Nov 16 2016

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A deeper layer of digital

The previous instalment of this story discussed the work Made by Many did on the Victoria & Albert Museum’s web presence, in particular on technology a...

Kevin Braddock  ·  Oct 25 2016

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A deep layer of digital

Earlier this year Made by Many completed a project to refresh, enhance and supercharge the Victoria & Albert's web presence – applying a layer of digit...

Kevin Braddock  ·  Oct 20 2016

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What aniseed balls taught me about innovation

On the surface, innovation labs and World War Two Britain don’t have that much in common, but actually there are some remarkable similarities – of what can...

Isaac Pinnock  ·  Oct 05 2016

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Big Empathy

Have we reached “peak empathy” yet, or will “Big Empathy” be a thing soon, like Big Pharma or Big Oil? Just as news arrived that the MIT-incubated startup ...

Kevin Braddock  ·  Aug 24 2016

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Why we’re not customer-centric any more

Customer-centricity is dangerously easy to buy. After all, who wouldn’t want to make things their customers want?

Peter Parkes  ·  Aug 03 2016

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Magic for you

Magic was the once privilege of only a few. But when the world is full of sorrow, anxiety, violence and loneliness, we can’t afford this privilege anymore ...

Abracademy !   ·  Jul 14 2016

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Prototyping and the split-pea principle

For an industry obsessed by change it’s easy to think of prototyping as being a new thing, a fad, or a response to agile software development. It’s easy to...

Isaac Pinnock  ·  Jun 10 2016

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A new digital presence for the World Economic Forum

When global attention turned to the World Economic Forum during its annual meeting in Davos this January, readers logging on to from around...

Kevin Braddock  ·  May 11 2016