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Ana Cecilia Santos

5 thoughts on conducting in-depth interviews

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In-depth interviews are one of many qualitative tools we use to gain insight into a problem or opportunity, through understanding people's behaviours, experiences and needs.

My favorite part about conducting user research at Made by Many is meeting a wide variety of people from different fields of work. Discussing people's habits, needs and personal experiences is both a privilege and a humbling encounter. The challenge however, is extracting the maximum valuable (and honest) information about the problem you’re trying to solve, in a usually short space of time.

Here are 5 things I find useful for planning and running interviews.


Designing with users: an exercise in empathy

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Made by Many’s user insights practice helps us to identify new ways to serve and support people with the digital products and services we create and take to market for our clients.

One of our key goals as a business is to make digital product innovation more human centred, and user insights are a critical part of the process – continuously throughout the whole product lifecycle.

Tim, Tom and Andrew have already talked about our recent launch of School in the Cloud for 2013 TED prize-winner Sugata Mitra, so I won’t go over the background again – this post is a practical guide to the different research methods we used to guide us in the re-design of the ‘Granny Cloud’.


A sneak peak into #mxmsupperclub

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One of my favourite things about working at Made by Many is the wonderful culture that is nurtured between us. One of our regular company gatherings' is the 'supper club' which is held roughly every three months, where we all have dinner at the office. There's usually a theme, and volunteers who want to cook bring in what they've made the night before, and we all sit at the big dining table, and have a lovely evening of feasting and drinking!


Some thoughts and learnings so far at Made by Many

Since I joined Made by Many on March 5th as a Service Design intern, I have been involved in various interesting situations and conversations. They have propelled me into taking some time to reflect where I was before I started, to where I am now. For many reasons I feel I've been quite fortunate so far, and here I tell you why.