Conor delahunty

Conor Delahunty

<style> .me { font-family: museo-sans-1; font-size: 0.8em; letter-spacing: 1px; text-transform: uppercase; color:#666666; } .you { font-family: museo-sans-1; font-size: 0.8em; letter-spacing: 1px; text-transform: uppercase; color:#999999; } </style> <span class="you">You:</span> Hey.<br /> <span class="me">Me:</span> Hey.<br /> <span class="you">You:</span> Cool party, huh?<br /> <span class="me">Me:</span> Yeah, pretty cool.<br /> <span class="you">You:</span> So what do you do?<br /> <span class="me">Me:</span> Um, I'm a designer.<br /> <span class="you">You:</span> Oh cool! What kind of a designer?<br /> <span class="me">Me:</span> Eh, like services and stuff, I guess. On the internet. I really like doing physical stuff too. Um, yeah, it's probably pretty boring.<br /> <span class="you">You:</span> No, no, it sounds really interesting - what do you mean?<br /> <span class="me">Me:</span> Well, I mean...I guess I'm more of a product designer than a graphic designer, you know, its not just about communication, you have to really understand the technology you work with as well as understand the user...<br /> <span class="you">You:</span> (stares blankly)<br /> <span class="me">Me:</span> We try make things that people interact with rather than just consume...(trails off into incoherent babble…looks really uncomfortable)<br /> <span class="you">You:</span>...I'm gonna go over there and do something else.<br /> <span class="me">Me:</span> (laughs nervously...shuffles feet...dies inside)<br /> <br /> <i>* based on actual events</i>

We’re hiring: Junior Designers

After the success that was our last call for a designer (look how happy he was to join us!) we thought we’d give it another go. 

We’re looking for a couple of junior to mid-weight designers, creative geek types obsessed with the coming web and fiendish about making new things. This could be your first job or you could have a bit of experience behind you – either way, your attitude is more important than your work history.