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Sara Williams

Sara worked as a journalist, copywriter and blogger before joining Made by Many. She loves writing and community building, and accordingly works on content strategy, copywriting and business development. In her off hours, Sara contributes to several publications, mainly writing about culture, media and international issues. She's very interested in how emerging technologies and corresponding cultural shifts can facilitate lasting social change. She also recently started Girls' Club, a network for women in the creative industry:

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Of all the things I love to read, long form is my favourite

I have enjoyed long form journalism for a very long time. I like a story that's lengthy enough to grow familiar: events I can dread or anticipate, characters I can get to know and watch change. I like going on that journey.

Long form used to be a bit of a rare beast, but this has changed over the past year. There are more places to get your long form fix these days, and more and more of them are online.

Curiously enough, while the rest of the publishing industry endures a series of beatings from the world wide web, things in the long form corner are starting to look brighter. 


Skype in the classroom is a Tomorrow Awards winner

Yesterday @malbonster and @bobbyc had the honour of accepting a Tomorrow Award  for Skype in the classroom, a  service and technology mash-up that connects teachers around the world and helps them collaborate on Skype-based teaching projects.

We are thrilled that Skype in the classroom has been recognised, and we’re especially happy for our client, Skype, with whom we enjoy a strong partnership. 


Class picture: our 4th birthday

On the first of September Made by Many turned four.

We took a photo to mark the occasion but in the busyness of the last couple of months, we sort of forgot  about our commemorative shot. Happily, Conor did not, and this week he sent it round. So here we are, most of the many, mostly looking a little goofy, but mainly feeling very proud to have made it to four. 


The end of the line for lone wolves and cowboys

In May of this year, Atul Gawande delivered the commencement address at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Gawande is a Rhodes Scholar, a surgeon, a New Yorker staff writer and an associate professor at both the Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School. He's also on Twitter: @Atul_Gawande.

Dr. Gawande's commencement address, published in The New Yorker under the title Cowboys and Pit Crews, is about change. I read it Monday night and have been thinking about it ever since. One question in particular keeps running 'round my head: 

We humans are doing an amazing job of changing our world… but how are we doing at adapting to the changes we create?


Events: Cindy Gallop, storytelling and SXSW

In recent months we have hosted a few events at our London HQ. We've held a couple of show and tells, plus some panel chats and presentations on different technologies and ways of working. These have been fun: bright people sharing ideas with a very engaged audience usually makes for a good time. Also, each event offers an opportunity to meet new people, which is great.

At the end of this month we're hosting a talk by the hugely inspirational Cindy Gallop, and then in early October we're welcoming a panel of highly interesting characters for Storywarp 2. Read on for more info on these events, and how to RSVP.