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How we present a business case to a CEO at Made by Many

One of the key outputs of our vision and discovery service package is a business case. This blog post explains how we present this to a CEO and their team.

Peter Parkes  ·  May 19 2017

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Unleashing customer magic: our upcoming workshop at The Digital Content Summit 2017

We’re excited to be running a very different type of workshop at the Digital Content Summit 2017 in London next Tuesday 23 May.

Tim Malbon  ·  May 17 2017

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The evolution of client storytelling

This sounds like a grandioso claim but we’ve never lived in a more visual way than we do now. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook have completely ch...

Alex Harding  ·  Apr 21 2017

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Practicing presentations: How to free yourself from your words to present like a rock star

When one thinks of momentous music venues, Wrexham Central Station doesn’t immediately spring to mind. Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with th...

Sam Small  ·  Apr 19 2017

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Three questions to ask yourself, before speaking to your users

It’s not enough to just tick the box of ‘talking to users’ and think that doing so will mean we magically end up at the right product. We need to think cri...

Fiona McLaren  ·  Apr 06 2017

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How to waste your customer’s time as well as your own

Quality customer research is the foundation to creating things people want to use — and potentially love to use. But it’s really easy to mess up this kind ...

Adam Morris  ·  Mar 22 2017

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3 ways to get the most out of kid-centered research

“You two look like Ant and Dec.” A small finger prods at me through the air. “You… are Ant.”Knocked off balance I look to my colleague for reassurance, onl...

Adam Morris  ·  Dec 15 2016

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Why “this is okay” is the worst feedback you can get

On design for testing and eliciting useful reactions. By Elise Colbert, Made by Many New York intern

MxM interns NYC  ·  Aug 22 2016

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How Caravaggio taught me to see the bigger picture

There’s an Italian word that has fascinated me ever since I was an 18-year-old student labouring on a still-life drawing: chiaroscuro.

Isaac Pinnock  ·  Aug 15 2016

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The right way to be wrong

What growing up under communism taught me about the value of prototyping.

Veronika Janeckova  ·  May 04 2016

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Irrational Realism: on QA versus testing

How we think about those processes at Made by Many

Jamie Mayes  ·  Apr 26 2016

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Billion dollar interviews

The world’s largest retailer discovered one quick to lose $1 billion in revenue, simply ask consumers what they want and then give it to them. As the New Y...

HJ Kwon  ·  Mar 23 2016

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Experiments in remote user testing

Customers are at the heart of everything we make at Made by Many. We try to ensure we’re always talking to them, showing them our work in progress, and get...

Fiona McLaren  ·  Feb 09 2016

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A faster way to paper prototype

I recently created a Keynote template to help with paper prototyping. It has seemed a few others in the Made by Many design team have found it useful so I ...

Tom White  ·  Feb 08 2016

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The (not so) little things: day to day decision making

What is the day to day reality of working on a project? There are thousands of blog posts written about strategy, product thinking, design, methodology but...

Tara Bloom  ·  May 29 2015