Side projects

A free iPhone app for people with diabetes

Bloop is a free iPhone app developed in conjunction with with diabetics, their friends and families and healthcare professionals across the UK.

It lets you privately share readings from your blood glucometer with a friend, parent or trusted guardian. In turn, they can help you manage your diabetes by sending you quick messages of support and encouragement.

Find out more and download the Bloop iPhone app

Learning through play

An intuitive editor for web content

Sir Trevor is a rich content editor entirely re-imagined for the web. An intuitive editor for web content which does not presuppose anything about how it will be rendered. Initially built alongside ITV journalists, Sir Trevor is now open source for anyone to use.

Find out more about Sir Trevor JS

Is the toilet free?

Is the Toilet Free? is a DIY hardware project that lets us studio dwellers know when we’re clear to go to the loo. No more laborious walks only to find that they’re all engaged.

Fork it on GitHub

The game of mass disruption

Pitchdeck originated during one of our summer intern programmes as a fun way to generate new product ideas for the team. It taps into the popular Silicon Valley meme of “Uber for X” to take a new disruptive model and apply it to other industries. The game includes 200 generic concepts (random items such as laundry, banking, apartments, art, flowers, karaoke and ice cream for example) and the names of 50 successful disruptive startups (e.g. AirBnB, Uber, Snapchat and Tinder) and allows players to draw cards before pitching how their mash-up will be the next big thing.

Blog about Pitchdeck (Pitchdeck website launching soon)

Turning your iPad into a physical messaging platform

An experimental app we launched at SXSWi 2011 that turns your iPad into a glowing sign to be held up in the conference hall. It spanned the physical with the digital and has been downloaded 110k times. It has even been used as a teaching aid for deaf children.

Download HollerGram for iOS

What would instagram sound like?

An iPhone app that let you add sound to images and weave them together into stories. This was way before Vine and we took it to SXSWi in 2012. It went from 15 users to 50k users inside a month, topping out at 85k downloads over the following weeks. We did it to learn. People loved it. We stopped supporting it in September 2013.

Watch the story of Picle

Join me on my spaceship for cocktails

Much Phrases is an app that teaches people silly phrases in Norwegian, French and Spanish. “Join me on my spaceship for cocktails”, “Open the champagne while I get undressed”, that kind of thing. We learnt the in’s and out’s of animation for Android to how to record sound… properly.

Download for Android

50 days to raise £1 million

In 2011 we initiated an open project to raise £1m to help feed the people of Somalia. We hacked together a collaborative platform that gathered 43 individual projects by an awesome network of people working in agencies and start-ups all over planet. This coalition raised a total of £247,529 for UNICEF.

Discover music in the moment

Think of PopCycle as a more thoughtful shuffle. Jump through songs based on the artist, genre, year or city of what you’re listening to now. Along the way, you’ll discover new music and learn a thing or two about your old favourites. Designed and built by our intern team in NYC.