2 new positions now open  🙌
We're planning a new meet-up for Interface Developers in January  and we're looking for people who would be willing to talk (and attend).

Being an interface / front-end developer today means knowing about a wide range of tools and technologies and it seems that there are new tools and frameworks released each day. Rebecca Murphey wrote a great post about this in April, 'A Baseline for Front-end Developers' which highlights just how much we need to know.

There are quite a few great meetups and conferences now happening regaulary in London, but I feel that we're missing a great meetup for front-end developers. So, we at Made By Many are going to be hosting a new meetup in January 2013 here in our Islington office, specifically aimed at Interface Developers and we're looking for some really great speakers. 

The subjects we're aiming to cover are:

  • SASS / LESS / CSS3

  • UI / Grid Frameworks (Bootstrap / Zurb etc)

  • JS (modules / frameworks / testing)

  • Template engines

  • Responsive / Adaptive approaches

  • The latest HTML5 features 

  • Build tools (Grunt / Rake etc)  

  • Debugging tools / tips

Obviously it's quite ambitious to cover all of these subjects in one evening, so we'll try and pick a variety of talks to give the broadest subject matter, whilst keeping them focussed to things that front-end developers would be interested in.

We'd like to keep the talks fairly short (ideally around 15 minutes) and give a mixture of 3-4 talks per meet-up, maybe with a break and an open discussion forum and definitely with a trip to one of the excellent local pubs after. 

So if you feel like you have a talk that would be a good fit for this subject matter then please send me an email, or a tweet and for everyone else that's interested in attending the event please stay tuned - we'll have more information soon.

Chris Bell

Chris Bell

Developer with a newly acquired fondness for Ruby and an ever present love for Javascript (most of the time).

Other interests include cycling, startups and food. And this isn't just the coffee patron talking, honest.