A couple of months ago I wrote a post introducing an idea of starting a new developer meet-up for front-end developers. Since then we've been working hard ...

We've had an incredible response since putting out the tickets. We sold out within an hour of tweeting the link and we have a packed-out wait list that is oversubscribed by around 150%.

There's a great first line-up of speakers with Anna Powell-Smith talking about visualisations with D3.js, Andy Hume talking about the new responsive mobile Guardian site and Charlie Perrins talking about accessibility.


We're also planning an open Q&A panel with the speakers, where the audience will be able to ask any questions they have as well as discussions around a pre-defined topic, likely to be the biggest front-end news of the week.


Our first event will be a bit of an experiment in true lean fashion, testing out some of the ideas we have been talking about around the format, especially around the Q&A panel and some other interesting concepts we might introduce along the way too.


We're already well under way planning our next event, which looks like it will be towards the end of  February. If you couldn't get tickets to January's event keep an eye out on Twitter and we'll let you know when the next tickets go on sale. 


And to everyone who managed to get a ticket, we'll see you at the event!

Chris Bell

Chris Bell

Developer with a newly acquired fondness for Ruby and an ever present love for Javascript (most of the time).

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