We're proud to announce that we're running a Lean Startup workshop in collaboration with the folks at Leancamp as part of Internet Week Europe (7-11 November) in London. Read on to find out about the event and how to sign up.

Lean Startup workshop at Internet Week Europe 7-11 November 2011 London

On Tuesday 8th November, we're running a full-day workshop to help startups and entrepreneurs move their ideas from the back of a napkin to reality, using Lean methodologies. We're looking for participants who have a great business or product idea but aren't entirely sure what to do next.

It's going to be a lot of fun and very hands-on. With the help of some experienced Lean practitioners, you'll have the chance to expand and develop your idea to a point that you can put it in front of some real users. Yep, that's right: customer development in real time. We'll be going out onto Tottenham Court Road and validating ideas with the wo/man in the street.

For a small investment of one day of your time and £25, you could save yourself a whole heap of cash in the long run. As Eric Ries says: "Work smarter, not harder."

Come, learn to pivot with us. You won't regret it. Sign up via Eventbrite and take your first step to being Lean.