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We're proud to announce that we're running a Lean Startup workshop in collaboration with the folks at Leancamp as part of Internet Week Europe (7-11 Novemb...

On Tuesday 8th November, we're running a full-day workshop to help startups and entrepreneurs move their ideas from the back of a napkin to reality, using Lean methodologies. We're looking for participants who have a great business or product idea but aren't entirely sure what to do next.

It's going to be a lot of fun and very hands-on. With the help of some experienced Lean practitioners, you'll have the chance to expand and develop your idea to a point that you can put it in front of some real users. Yep, that's right: customer development in real time. We'll be going out onto Tottenham Court Road and validating ideas with the wo/man in the street.

For a small investment of one day of your time and £25, you could save yourself a whole heap of cash in the long run. As Eric Ries says: "Work smarter, not harder."

Come, learn to pivot with us. You won't regret it. Sign up via Eventbrite and take your first step to being Lean.

Charlotte Hillenbrand

Charlotte Hillenbrand

Charlotte heads up Learning and Development at Made by Many. She is interested in Learning Organisations and the role they play in digital transformation, growing talent and happiness at work. She's responsible for delivering our Professional Development programme and learning initiatives.

With a digital career as old as Youtube, Charlotte has worked with clients from the media, entertainment, culture, sport, automotive, FMCG and charity sectors. Previously, she worked in book publishing and the business behind product design and repackaging.

In real life, she bears no resemblance to Charles II but she does have big hair.