We love working on Skype in the classroom and we're always looking for ways to enhance the service for our users. Recently, we released functionality that enabled teachers to login with their Facebook or Twitter credentials, as well as their Skype ID, but sometimes the challenge isn't about new functionality, but raising awareness and simply telling the story of Skype in the classroom.

With 30,000 teachers from 200 countries, 1800 collaboration projects and 7 partner organisations there's lots to celebrate about Skype in the classroom. It's a brilliant fast-growing service where teachers can connect, share inspiration and collaborate on projects across the globe.

We liked the idea of making a simple video that captured the magic of using Skype to create innovative learning experiences. The brief was short: explain Skype in the classroom; be memorable and universal. And, we think Mr & Mrs Smith did a great job of producing a gorgeous piece of footage. Check out the video below, and let us know what you think. 


Introducing Skype in the classroom from Skype in the classroom on Vimeo.