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We are really pleased to announce that Film 4 are using Picle as a submission method for their ‘Scene Stealers’ competition. Scene Stealers is a competit...

Scene Stealers aims to discover brilliant new talent – in particular those working in other creative mediums, in new ways, or with new technologies – by tasking entrants with reimagining renowned scenes from past Film4 productions, in just two minutes or under. One of those creative mediums selected is Picle.  

Picle is an App (currently only for iPhone) that we launched at year's South by South West Interactive. Picle adds sound to iPhone photography, allowing you to capture a little audio clip when you take a photo. This photo-plus-sound clip is called a 'Picle', and the app makes it quick and simple to lace individual Picles together into 'Stories'.

To give you an idea of what Picle can do I made this entry in just over 30 minutes. It's a lot less hassle than editing a video together. I chose to re-create a scene from Slumdog Millionaire; Jamal is on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' and is asked a tricky question. To create this scene I used google to find pictures that would fit the dialogue. Then I recorded @WRoissetter  and @anaceciliaboman voices over the top, in no time at all I had my scene :)

Film 4 Scene Stealers entry - Slumdog Millionaire from Made By Many on Vimeo.

Picle occupies a unique space, somewhere between video and photo. The production costs are almost non-existent in comparison to video and it also triggers a very different set of emotions to just a still photo. Picle gives us new storytelling abilities and this competition is a great way to get creative.

The Scene Stealers website with full details on which films are included, and how to enter, can be found at www.film4.com/scenestealers

Entries can be submitted online now, with the closing date for receiving entries 31st July.  Winners will be announced in August. 

Good luck and get making.