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Here are a bunch of people you may never have heard of who are raking in the big bucks thanks to their partnership with YouTube - it's all about the money, honey!

Google this week announced their Google Analytics Premium features. Rumour has it that it's going to cost as much as $150,000 per annum!


Responding to irate users who are pissed off about their listening habits being shared on Facebook thanks to Spotify's tie-up with the social network, the music site has responded with revealing a new feature that enables them to control how their music is shared


For the developers here who happen to be looking for interesting podcasts to listen to on your way to work, maybe you'd like to give This Developer's Life a go?


Italian software company and Skype rival Messagenet asks the European courts to block the Microsoft-Skype merger in the EU.


The other Skype-type app which was in the news not too long ago, Tango, now has a PC app


The Guardian talks about Burberry's prominence at London Fashion Week, and says it's all due to their 'digital expansion'. If you haven't seen Editd's data graphs yet, go take a look at those too.  


The Digital Production Partnership between ITV, Channel 4 and the BBC has unveiled common standards for file-based delivery of TV programmes


And for the lean startup fans, listen to this interview with Eric Ries:

"He talks about whether Lean Startup is overhyped; “lean washing” (where companies say they’re lean but really aren’t); VCs, accelerators and limited partners; cohort analysis as the key to measuring progress in a startup; entrepreneurial self-discovery; and seeking truth as the entrepreneurial imperative."

And finally, all those Klout fans out there will soon have an alternative to measure their influence online (ooh! aah! shiny!) - say hello to Kred

Anjali Ramachandran

Anjali Ramachandran

Anjali couldn't shake off the habit of calling herself a 'citizen of the world' for the last decade, having lived in 5 countries so far, but has now amended that to 'citizen of the internetz'. She is a strong believer in technology as an agent of social change and likes exploring the relationship between digital services and physical objects. Robots and transmedia storytelling projects intrigue her.