We’re looking for a Product Manager with ideally 2+ years of experience for a minimum of 2 months, to start immediately. You will be working to help us bring to market a unique physical product and paired application which can be effectively used to teach children the principles of coding. We’re going to run a Kickstarter campaign to introduce the product to consumers, which you’ll be responsible for running as a part of your engagement. You will not only be organizing and executing product production, but also acting as marketing manager and product champion. This entails communicating with press, potential customers, and interested parties across media channels to build enthusiasm and appetite for the product. Collaborating with you will be our dedicated product design and strategy team, as well as a series of external partners who are passionate about the learnings and opportunities that this brings.

Your job will involve:

  • planning, managing, and maintaining the Kickstarter campaign
  • proactive press, promotion, and social strategies for the campaign
  • making sense of business objectives and user needs through continuous research and prototyping
  • analysing product performance in the market and responding accordingly
  • helping to deliver a product that satisfies these objectives and needs
  • articulating your thinking to colleagues, other stakeholders and users
  • collaborating with developers and designers to build and release working products
  • working iteratively in an Agile environment

We believe that an entrepreneurial spirit with strong communication skills will thrive in this role, and Kickstarter campaign experience would be ideal but is not required.

At Made by Many, we take a customer centric approach to our product development, running through short cycles of testing, building and learning - and this particular project will be no different. In addition to planning the Kickstarter, we’ll be trying out new ideas for both the product and software design, collecting data and seeing what works for end users in live environments.

How to apply

We’re looking for someone who can come and collaborate on the making process with us in our studio in Angel. You’ll be working amongst a friendly team of talented makers and thinkers, and a Weimaraner named Tilly. If this sounds like the job you can do and the sort of place you’d like to work, please apply via Recruiterbox and upload or link to your CV. As always, we don’t deal with recruiters or agencies.

Working at Made by Many

Made by Many is committed to being an open, welcoming place to work. For us, diversity is more than policies and practices – it is an integral part of who we are as a company. We believe our differences are what help us produce innovative, awesome work.

We are interested in people of all ages, stories and backgrounds. In order to stay diverse we want to provide everyone with equal and wide access to professional development. And as our people’s lives change we aim to adapt to those changing needs.

We’ve formed a taskforce to help advance our diversity journey and improve our practices around inclusion. We welcome your feedback throughout the process.

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