Instagram, I loved you. You were my first real relationship after Twitter, and right now I feel angry and bitter about you turning your back on all the g...

Obviously, I will get over this... I will, really. 

You're only an app after all - but that's the thing, and this is why I worry about you... you're more than an app: you are an extraordinary community, and that's what I fell in love with.

We all knew you weren't the best app ever - that was never the point with you. You connected me with my nearest and dearest, and we shared our lives, fears, loves, cats... pork...  in such a simple and wonderful way. I saw the world through their eyes. 

So, Facebook say they're going to respect you. That's good. I hope they do. But they've spent a lot of money, and they're going to want something more than just 'hanging out' with you if you know what I mean...

I wish you luck. I really do. It's great for the IG team - although surely you guys had a chance to really fuck with Facebook. It feels like we just got started. It's been really brilliant and I've enjoyed every second we've enjoyed together... but I'm out.

Goodbye my darling!

Tim Malbon

Tim Malbon

Tim founded influential digital product design company Made by Many in 2007. He’s a leading voice in the emerging practice area of product design and innovation, customer experience and business strategy. He’s the Webby Awards UK Ambassador and a member of the IADAS, and was recently named by Creative Review as one of the 50 Creative Leaders "driving change, not just within their organisation but in the world at large."