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After a week of BBQs, speeches, panels, margaritas, putting names to faces and more BBQs I’ve landed back at Made by Many HQ and I want to share some of th...


When we launched as a Minimal Viable Product last week we weren't sure what to expect and how people would react to the app. A week has passed and we’re delighted with how well Picle has been received. 

We went to SXSW with 15 users and we came back with 30,000. 

There has also been a lot written about Picle in articles, reviews and posts. Here’s a select choice of some of them. 

The response on Twitter has also been great, with Apple's App Store account promoting the app, adding to the hundreds of mentions, retweets and pieces of feedback. We even managed a few sightings of Picle in the wild at SXSW. 

Its not all gravy though, as we know. Picle was released as a Minimal Viable Product so we are improving as we go along. Tim is going to post some more updates on developments and next steps for Picle, but for now I want to thank all of you out there using Picle, feeding back and sharing the love. 

Will Roissetter

Will Roissetter

Interested in disruptive technology, the arts, Brazil's team of 1970 and using digital for good. Mumbling and bumbling on both @madebymany & @wroissetter.