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I’ve talked before about exploring different ways of navigating and consuming content online. I first came across Pictory a few weeks ago and absolutely ...

Let’s look at the evidence.

Lovely, big images. Navigation via a keyboard which allows me to skip from piece to piece simply by pressing the left/right arrow keys. A balanced mix of captioned images and short stories pulled together to create a rich textured viewing / reading experience. Real-life stories which often cause an emotional stir in the reader. And the designer in me loves the use of Typekit fonts.

I think it’s an example of crowdsourcing at it’s absolute best. A nice tightly worded brief but open enough for interpretation by the viewer. (Aren’t all the best briefs like this?)

Being ultra picky. A full-screen view would be nice.

Anyway, I think it’s best if you go there now and lose the next hour of your day.

Simon I'Anson

Simon I'Anson

Since the end of the last century Simon's career has traced a meandering path through a number of different digital and print agencies, consultancies and freelance gigs. The variety of agencies worked at only paling in comparison to the sheer diversity of work he's undertaken. Simon is most at home when simply producing great stuff to go on the internet.