For the last few months, we've been working with Skype to create a new service proposition for small businesses. Today, we're launching in private beta. If you’re an entrepreneur, or working in a small business that’s looking to grow, Skype in the workspace is a place to meet potential partners, suppliers, or customers anywhere in the world. You can promote your service, send messages, talk, or meet face-to-face over Skype. And it's free. 

As with Skype in the classroom, we've designed the service in collaboration with potential users, working to solve the problems you've told us about.

And now, we’re looking for a limited number of participants to try the service and help us test, push, and stretch Skype in the workplace to its limits. Are you game?

Once you’ve joined, we’ll look to you for feedback to help us better shape our community. And as we improve the experience, we’ll open it up to more users.

We can't give away too much right now as we are still in private beta, but we are really excited about  Skype in the workplace . So, if you'd like to be part of the beta community, request an invite here