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Yesterday a few of us trundled down to see Tim speak at Internet Week's 'Brilliant Lectures' as part of Poke's Creative Day at Hackney House. Tim shared th...

The brief for the speakers was to challenge, inspire and fuel the imagination. Each speaker had 10 minutes to discuss 3 different themes which were: 'I Made This', 'This Inspired Me' and 'New to Me'. 

Tim started with his #brandstalking experiment of @Soreenhq. Here he is distributing some loafs to the crowd at the start. 

Back in 2009 when brands were flocking to Twitter, Tim motivated by a genuine love of the curious dark brown malty loaf, and a little mischief, began been tweeting a lot about Soreen – and not always in the way Soreen’s marketing people would have necessarily endorsed. By Tweeting @SoreenHQ increasingly comical correspondences like the ones below. 

As well as creating a Lord Of The Rings tie-up and limited edition


After a year of this Soreen responded by sending him a box full of swag, including Soreen loafs and a T-Shirt for his birthday. Tim was genuinely moved by this and became an even stronger brand advocate than he was before. 

Whilst this playfulness was fun, Tim wanted to examine the relationship between Brands and us for his 'This Inspired Me' section. Our relationship with brands is almost entirely on their terms and conditions, terms and conditions that are weighted against us. He proposed using Doc Searls creation of Vendor Relationship Management to get brands to create more value and work better for us. Pulling out this quote as an example.

We are not seats or eyeballs or end users or consumers. We are human beings—and our reach exceeds your grasp. Deal with it.

To conclude his final section 'I Made This' Tim proposed making Richmond sausage avatars…out of Richmond sausages. Here is my Instagram of one he created.

He then lobbed a whole pack into the crowd so they could create their own avatars and connect with each other once the event had finished. Here is an update from @hollykennedy13

I would cover the whole of Bingo's and Tom's speeches, but that would be a far too lengthy post. So I'll focus on a couple of the juicy bits.  

During the 'This Inspired Me' section Mr Bingo took us through his pictures of everyday objects that inspire him, which had people cracking up.   

A swan made out of a receipt.

Randy furniture.

The pavement smoking a woodbine. 

If you want to see more of these then check out his Instagram feed @mr_bingstagram. Bingo also took us through his hatemail project and some of the artwork produced by serial killers...of course. 

Tom's section on 'This Inspired Me' was also thought provoking, but in a different way. He started by showing part of the clip below of Brian Eno discussing creativity. The whole thing is well worth a watch, but at around 3.33 minutes he discusses how creators and artists are no longer 'Architects' of their art.

Due to the proliferation of culture, arts and information we are all now becoming more like gardeners, which I thought was a very interesting take on how the creative process has changed in the last decade or so. 

Many thanks to all the speakers, Simon for hosting and POKE for curating, keep checking the POKE site as the talks will be uploaded soon.

Will Roissetter

Will Roissetter

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