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More service design stuff, this time in the form of videos. 1. Oliver King, co-founder and director of Engine Service Design, talks about the difference ...

2. Han Pham, at the University of Dundee in Scotland, re-designed some materials for NESTA's Starter for Six programme. This video is an explanation of the feedback model he used. For those who are interested, the Strategic Information Design blog from the University of Dundee, is worth a look.


NESTA Feedback Model Redesign by Han Pham from Han Pham on Vimeo.

3. This video is a quick 3-minutes about a Microsoft-sponsored project exploring service design and social networking.  

Dear Democracy from two times three on Vimeo.

Anjali Ramachandran

Anjali Ramachandran

Anjali couldn't shake off the habit of calling herself a 'citizen of the world' for the last decade, having lived in 5 countries so far, but has now amended that to 'citizen of the internetz'. She is a strong believer in technology as an agent of social change and likes exploring the relationship between digital services and physical objects. Robots and transmedia storytelling projects intrigue her.