We're looking for a senior designer (with at least 4 years experience) - a creative geek type obsessed with services, platforms and applications.   We ...


We're a small company and we all respect each other. We also respect each other's work, so you need to be comfortable talking about your work and the thinking behind it. We will expect you to be able to articulate and defend your ideas to the rest of the team, and to the client.


It goes without saying that you must love the internet and the possibilities it offers. But you also need to believe that design is more than just how something looks: it's how something looks, works and fits into the world around it.


Sound like you? Get in touch with:


a) a short intro

b) the name of a service, application or digital product you've discovered recently that impresses you, and why

c) a link to your work


[email protected]

Isaac Pinnock

Isaac Pinnock

Isaac is a founding member of Made by Many, where he employs his experience in rapid web prototyping, and in transforming a set of business requirements into a viable and desirable customer experience. Isaac is an interaction designer who understands how to develop a service idea and make it real.