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Designing for long-term success with a mental health app

How do you encourage users to keep logging their meals, calories and mindful minutes when the real result only shows in the long term?

Kristof Goossens  ·  Apr 10 2017

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Three questions to ask yourself, before speaking to your users

It’s not enough to just tick the box of ‘talking to users’ and think that doing so will mean we magically end up at the right product. We need to think cri...

Fiona McLaren  ·  Apr 06 2017

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5 books that shaped our design thinking

There are hundreds of books out there that can tell you how to design great products (and thousands of articles listing them). We picked these books becaus...

Sam Small  ·  Apr 05 2017

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Four GIFs that introduce our new proposition at Made by Many

Four GIFs that introduce our new proposition at Made by Many

Tim Malbon  ·  Apr 05 2017

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How we built passwordless authentication with Auth0 and Elixir/Phoenix

Includes the Actual Code!

Sam Murray  ·  Apr 05 2017

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The Empathic Consultant

How we balance people, business and power in our work as product designers

Isaac Pinnock  ·  Mar 30 2017

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Fun with AWS Lambda, illustrated by cats

Recently, we got to experiment with AWS Lambda, which I’d heard a lot about but hadn’t used before. Having a concrete use case and getting hands-on with th...

Kat Lynch  ·  Mar 23 2017

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How to waste your customer’s time as well as your own

Quality customer research is the foundation to creating things people want to use — and potentially love to use. But it’s really easy to mess up this kind ...

Adam Morris  ·  Mar 22 2017

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Building a Human Company

On the cusp of our 10th year, Made by Many is more human than ever. A wonderful collection of misfits, eccentrics and oddballs is what makes us the company...

Charlotte Hillenbrand  ·  Jan 04 2017

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10 things we changed in the technology team in 2016(ish)

We aim to encourage a culture of experimentation at MxM but also a culture of responsible decision making. Everyone needs to understand that technology dec...

Andrew Walker  ·  Jan 04 2017

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Made by Many’s history of 2016 in 26 objects*

An end-of-year listicle in the form of an A-to-Z which, coincidentally, has 26 letters. Hence, 26 things done, said or made by Made by Many this most weird...

Kevin Braddock  ·  Dec 22 2016

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When a sketch isn’t a sketch

The evolution of the humble sketch

Adam Morris  ·  Dec 20 2016

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Principles for encouraging customers to buy more than an exhibition ticket

Lessons learned from designing for cross-sells with the Royal Academy of the Arts

Sam Small  ·  Dec 15 2016

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3 ways to get the most out of kid-centered research

“You two look like Ant and Dec.” A small finger prods at me through the air. “You… are Ant.”Knocked off balance I look to my colleague for reassurance, onl...

Adam Morris  ·  Dec 15 2016

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Announcing Bloop: a free iPhone app for people with diabetes

Bloop is a new, more positive way of maintaining healthy control of diabetes.

Peter Parkes  ·  Dec 05 2016

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Innovation labs: best practice

This week we publish the second of our reports into innovation labs. While the last volume looked at the big questions facing these entities – the Why, Wha...

Kevin Braddock  ·  Nov 16 2016

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Equal Pay and the levelling potential of digital

2016 has been a shocker of a year on the politico-econo-socio stage and it’s easy, especially in this unwelcome reality of Brexit-Trump-WTF-is-coming-next ...

Charlotte Hillenbrand  ·  Nov 10 2016

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Diabolical fun and chat about IOT

What’s not to love about pumpkins, cobwebs, tricks, molecular gastronomy and chat about the Internet of Things? This week we found out at our inaugural mag...

Isaac Pinnock  ·  Nov 08 2016