Innovation is now a necessity for businesses

It can unlock new revenue streams, reconfigure value exchanges and help organisations to leapfrog market leaders. But innovation is also very hard and failure is costly. One of the biggest causes of failure is that in the face of undeniable uncertainty most people continue to rely on instinct and habit rather than evidence: fear makes them default to familiar yet broken processes; critical assumptions are accepted blindly and trust is placed dangerously on ‘someone further along the process' being able to solve technical or design challenges that are integral to success.

Innovating successfully requires two things:

  1. An acknowledgement that blind trust is the wrong way to tackle uncertainty
  2. A way of working designed to find huge growth opportunities within the unknowns

How Made by Many does it

By stubbornly integrating business strategy, technology and design we help organisations to validate innovation strategies holistically. We turn business models into transformative products with a process designed to continuously answer three essential questions: Will this grow the business? Do customers want it? How should it be built? This massively increases the chances of success and makes us accountable right to the end. Risk can only be minimised by combining all three disciplines at once from day one ‐ ignoring any one of them results in assumptions (dormant failure) creeping back in.

What this looks like in practice

Teams stay small for speed and focus and consist of strategists, designers and engineers, even in instances where we're not building the solution ourselves. We work fast because nothing is certain until tested, so 'long guesses' are wasteful. Business models become prototypes within days. These are tested and iterated with real customers to validate the direction and avoid pitfalls. The prototypes are replaced with a minimum viable product and eventually released and scaled. Clients are regularly shocked at how much we can achieve in a short period.

It gets incredible results

Digital products and services are means to an end. The 'end' is increasing revenue, margin or market share and if you have the appetite, creating transformative digital products whose impact can dwarf expectations. Take a look our case studies to see the impact we've made on our clients' organisations.

How you can hire us

Email us so we can start talking about your business instead of ours. You may find it reassuring that retainers don't interest us. Our goal is to help you as efficiently as possible and the cost of our involvement is factored into that. We're also more effective focussing on the innovation part; we help organisations to maintain and grow products on their own rather than to do this for them at a huge expense.