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Charlotte Hillenbrand

Charlotte has taken a winding path towards the internet, via book publishing and the business behind product design and repackaging. During the digital bit of her career, Charlotte has worked with clients from the media, entertainment, culture, sport, automotive, FMCG and charity sectors. <br /><br /> At Made by Many, she does a number of things, including leading projects and looking after clients. <br /><br /> In real life, she bears no resemblance to Charles II but she does have big hair.

Internet Week Europe is coming...

With just under two weeks to Internet Week Europe (IWE), we're busy getting together a couple of Made by Many events.

[ELL image borrowed from Dave Hill's London blog; Rory Hamilton with an experience prototype Flourbaby]

On Monday 12th November, we're running 'A Journey through the Connected World' and then on Wednesday 14th November, 'What's it like to be an app?': an experience prototyping workshop. 


Kids Draw for East Africa: a 50/50 project by kids, for kids

In collaboration with my husband (@johnnybennett), I launched the Kids Draw for East Africa project last Friday on the platform. Utterly moved by the 50/50 call to arms, I wanted to do something to help, and our own daughter inspired the idea behind the solution. 

A child is dying of hunger every six minutes in Somalia. In six minutes, a well-fed British child can paint or draw a picture that can mean the difference between life and death for someone else’s child. Kids Draw for East Africa is an online auction of kids' art.

One of the paintings from