Stuart Eccles

Stuart has a Masters Degree in Engineering and 10 years experience as a software engineer, technical architect and management consultant working on internal systems and large-scale websites and applications. In 2007 he founded Made by Many with Tim Malbon, William Owen and Isaac Pinnock to create a new type of agency – a social technology company that works more like a web start-up. At Made by Many Stuart acts as the managing partner and lead technologist. He is an advocate of and frequent speaker on Agile project methodologies and Lean Manufacturing philosophies applied to the strategy, design and development of digital services and products and he contributes to a number of open source projects.

Lean Startup and London

A few years ago, practicing 'Lean Startup' could be a lonely place to inhabit. We were first introduced to Lean Startup at SXSW 2010 and it gave the necessary structure to our experiments in combining Agile Development and Design Thinking. When MxM started using LS techniques it was still a small community. This included Salim Virani with LeanCamp, who was and is one of the smartest thinkers in product and as much as anyone for the Lean community in London. And around that time Jeff Gothelf gave what is, in my opinion, the best distillation of thinking in Lean applied to the design process with his presentation "Getting out of the Deliverables Business". These people, along with many others, have made an exciting time to learn and practice in this industry. In the last 4 years the art of product development has taken massive steps forward and changed government, businesses and charities. We would now love to take some time to talk about the great Lean Startup stories coming out of London.


The Time Travelling Designer and other stories of Agile Design


I was recently having breakfast with a UX practitioner talking about the integration of interaction design into Agile and specifically a Scrum process. I was talking about our experiences and mentioned a concept we found useful, the Time Travelling Designer. As they had never heard of it, I thought I might write it up for all, as well as other tales of our experiences integrating Design in Scrum. So grab your Tardis/Delorean/Hot tub/Box and read on.


We're hiring: Ruby Developers

Made by Many are looking for some more great technologists to join our team. As a company we conceive, design and develop new digital products and services for our clients. We relentlessly focus on user experience through a synthesis of great design and great technology because we believe that technology isn’t just the cogs in the engine, invisible to user, but is integral to how people feel about a product and the companies that make them. The products we make closely resemble digital start-ups and we use similar approaches and technologies to build them.

Our approach is highly Agile, using Scrum and sometimes Kanban based approaches; we work iteratively but even before that we prototype products with lightweight technologies to refine our thinking and test with customers. 

Our main back-end technology is Ruby, primarily because it is well suited to delivering innovative products in an iterative environment but we also work with NodeJS, iOS, MongoDB and other tech. We believe that making bespoke solutions utilising ‘small tools’ allows us to create innovative, emotional software. A lot of our solutions are deployed on AWS hosting and knowledge of deploying with Chef and scaling services would be helpful.

If you are experienced Ruby developer with a background making digital products and want to work in an environment working with designers and strategists collaborating on conceiving new ideas for products we would love to talk to you about a job here at Made by Many. We are looking for people with opinions about the right thing to do, passion for technology and great chops to pull off difficult coding challenges.

Please apply with your CV and your username at or email


We're hiring: A Financial Controller


Can you work with these people?

Over the past 3 years our little company has grown to over 28 people and we are now looking for a financial controller with experience of working in service companies to manage the finances of the business. Primarily working with the management team, it is a great opportunity for someone wanting to take on the challenge of this new role in an excellent work environment with great people.

While there may not be many readers of this blog looking for this kind of job, maybe you know of someone who loves this kind of thing and want a job with creative people  in our studio near the canal. 


Iterating for innovation and the Lean Agency: my talk at the #firestarters Google UK event

Not so long ago, Neil Perkin invited me to speak at the event he was arranging to take place at Google UK HQ. Neil was keen to explore what Agile Planning means and the event, named FireStarters, brought together a 100 or so planners to share in the discussion. What followed was an excellent evening that included Mark Earls giving us What She is Having and many breakout sessions on various themes over beers. Neil has a great write-up on his blog.

This was a great chance to expand on the Lean Startup based approach we are using at Made By Many and introduced at Planningness in NY back last September. Since then we have learn't alot and the presentation I gave (embedded after the jump) introduces what I think can become some best practice for developing "Lean Agencies", agencies built from the ground-up to search for innovation.