Tim Malbon

Designing the whole venture, and not just the product

We recently celebrated our 7th anniversary, a moment that traditionally provides an opportunity to totally freak out about how much has happened, and what has changed and continues to change. In this post, I wanted to share one of the most exciting changes we’re making here at Made by Many with a wider audience – not least because it addresses a problem that I believe anyone trying to create sustainable value through digital products will recognise.


Are you constantly seeking mindless stimulation?


I used to think people who complained about digital overload and distraction were simply weaklings. There was a time when I looked forward to swapping my eyes and hands for servo-driven connected gadgets. Not any more: I now find myself fantasising about living in a world without mobiles or internet, or Twitter, or Instagram. I dream of a year away even from electricity. Spending a year off the grid in the the twenty-first century would be my personal definition of ultimate luxury.